Jon Wenmoth - Programmer

Jon Wenmoth

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Jon. I build software and sometimes do the colouring in too. For the past 18 years I have been building websites and web based applications in various countries around the world. I enjoy creating lightweight, scalable applications built on cloud services.

Outside of the internet you will usually find me riding mountain bikes, woodworking or drinking coffee in my hometown of Cambridge, New Zealand. If you have an interesting project that you'd like to discuss then please feel free to get in touch.

Dev Process

Test Driven Development

I write unit and integration tests for a majority of the projects that I work on and believe that it provides a faster development process and a more stable and secure end product.

Continuous Integration

I automate the compiling, testing and deployment of my projects through CI pipelines. Generally I use Github workflows but I also have experience with Gitlab and Docker.

Agile Development

I think that software development should be approached in an agile way and have the ability to change rapidly through the course of the development process. I predominantly use Github and Slack for project management but I have previously used Jira.


I have experience designing and building scalable, highly available, secure systems on AWS. This ranges from more traditional setups employing load balanced EC2 instances, databases and message queues through to serveless backends and microservices.

AWS infrastructure design.


If you have an interesting project that you'd like to discuss then put the things in the boxes and we can chat.

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